BioSteel Advanced Recovery Formula
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3LB. The BioSteel Sports™ Advanced Recovery Formula is the new standard in post-workout nutrition. Featuring the Bio-Pro and Bio-Gen tri-phasic systems, the BioSteel Sports™ ARF delivers the most potent post-workout formula available.


  • Certified to be Banned Substance Free
  • The most Bio-Available post-workout formula
  • Contains the Bio-Gen, Bio-Pro and Bio-Gest Tri-Phasic nutrient delivery formulas
  • Bio-Gen formula increases muscle glycogen re-synthesis, speeding recovery between workouts/competitions
  • Bio-Pro formula increases muscle protein synthesis, helping to repair and rebuild hard working muscles while increasing lean muscle mass
  • Bio-Gest formula ensures optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients while improving immune function and intestinal health
  • Made from the highest quality organic ingredients available
  • Gluten free

Who Uses BioSteel?

Biosteel is a cutting edge supplement company who has numerous professional athletes using the brand through all different sports, a few are listed below:

  • Dez Bryant - NFL, Dallas Cowboys
  • Andrew Wiggins - NBA, Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Carey Price- NHL, Montreal Canadians
  • Hunter Mahan - Professional Golfer


  • Manufacturer: BioSteel

BioSteel Advanced Recovery Formula

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